I’m Back?

I guess I’ll start blogging again!

When I opened my back door this morning, I was smacked in the face with a wall of humidity.  It was like pea soup fog, only no fog, just DAMP.  Nevertheless, Gene, my freshly-straightened hair, and I braved the moisture so we could finally check out Headhouse Square farmer’s market.

This is one bougie-ass farmer’s market, but the selection is great.  Flowers, foraged herbs, raw milk cheeses, and a Garces booth?  I’m in.  My favorite stand was the one with beets for only $1.50 a bunch (compared to everyone else’s $3+), which I scooped up immediately.  I also picked up a candy onion (which I think is just a yellow onion, but I support the whimsical name), and a pint of heirloom tomatoes because they were so cute:

I’d love to come back to Headhouse farmer’s market right when they open to avoid the crowds and people who bring kids in giant strollers to crowded places.  Another bonus?  Bodhi Cafe is like ten feet away, so you can reward yourself with Stumptown coffee after you’ve battled the stroller army.


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